2021 Ford GT Release Date, Specs, Price

Ford is ready to release the next generation of Ford GT, the 2021 Ford GT. It will be a successor to the previous GT model. As we know, GT has so many fans around the world. The performance and the handling of this car are amazing. It offers a classy driving experience. As always, it will be a good rival for another sport sedan from other manufacturers.

The new Ford GT 2021 will bring some improvements to make it better than the current model. The exterior and the interior will get some touches. The upcoming GT will be a sporty and fascinating sports sedan. No one will doubt its performance. GT is a legendary sports sedan for many years and very well known for its great engine performance.

2021 Ford GT Review

The exterior design of the upcoming Ford GT still uses the same concept of the previous model. It will show the strong characteristic of a GT. The body design will have fewer curves and line, just like a uniform. The improvements of the body can be seen at the front and the back of this new GT. At the front, the grille and the bumper will get some minor changes.

The front grille of GT 2021 will have a new design. It looks more stylish and sporty than the current grille design. The bumper also looks a little bit larger than the current GT model. The new headlights design is still similar to the previous model. It uses the LED lights for a better illumination than the previous GT model. The fog lights also can be found integrated into the bumper.

The body material of the upcoming GT is expected to use a new material. It will be lightweight and strong. It can reduce the overall body weight for the next GT that gives a better acceleration and fuel consumption than the previous model. The new 2021 Ford GT will be available with some color choices. You can have a nice car with a nice style and good engine performance.

2021 Ford GT Interior

There is n any spy shots of the interior for this upcoming Ford GT on the internet. Of course, we want to see something new and stylish for the interior. The cabin should have a new modern design and also using modern technologies. On the dashboard of the upcoming GT, there will be a touchscreen display. It can control some GT’s features and for the entertainment purposes.

The cabin size will remain the same with the current GT model. It’s spacious and offers good safety for the GT driver and passenger. The new GT’ seats will be covered by the premium leather. It offers good comfort and nice appearance inside this upcoming GT. MyFord infotainment system is also expected to be implemented for this 2021 GT. Then, USB ports, Wi-Fi, HD radio, and high-quality speakers should also be implemented in this car.

2021 Ford GT Engine and Price Estimated

GT will have three engine options for the upcoming model. First, a 3.7-liter V6 engine producing 300 horsepower and 280 pounds of torque. Second, a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine with EcoBoost producing 310 horsepower and 320 pounds of torque. The third one is a 5.0-liter V8 engine producing 435 horsepower and 400 pounds of torque. The annual or automatic six-speed transmission will be combined with the three engine options. The engine is also equipped with two turbos to give more power.

The basic model of the upcoming Ford GT is expected to be priced around $23,000 – $24,000. The GT GT Premium Convertible can be priced around $40,000. Those are still prediction for the prices. Ford will launch this upcoming GT sometime in 2021. Ford has not released the official release date and price info for this 2021 Ford GT model.

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