2021 Ford Atlas Truck Price, Specs, Release Date

2021 Ford Atlas or otherwise known as Ford F-150 becomes the best vehicle that is sold domestically in US. The previous version of this luxurious crossover vehicle is introduced in 2013. Since then, the automaker starts to perform major improvement on this particular series. The facelifts are based on several suggestions from users review related to its specification and performance.

As the result of those major improvements, the car is equipped with useful features and powerful specification. The manufacturer focuses on improving its fuel conserving, design, engine configuration, and many more. From the outside, the car looks compact and sturdy. Meanwhile, the inside is packed with modern features and aggressive powertrain specification.

2021 Ford Atlas Layout

Compared to the previous version, the exterior design of 2021 Ford Atlas includes lightweight material to reduce its burden. The industrial grade of aluminum implemented as the material for its exterior profile has remarkable durability. Its durable outlook comes with strong radiator grill that represents its power to conquer heavy terrain. Headlights of the car are designed in two separate decks to improve its aggressive characteristic.

Ford F-150 has successfully crossovers SUV with truck base on its entire layout. The front section incorporates SUV design, which has bigger volume compared to conventional SUV. Meanwhile, the rear section uses truck base layout that comes with generous storage space. As it goes with aggressive truck, four heavy wheels support the vehicle to improve its maximum height.

The cabin design of 2021 Ford Atlas is completely different story compared to its exterior. Despite the exterior has aggressive and mean appearance, the interior is surprisingly friendly and comfortable. Since the front section has bigger volume, the passenger cabin has plenty of headroom. Four passenger seats installed in its interior is using soft leather upholstering that has smooth and relaxed texture.

The best thing to mention about its interior cabin is not only the comfort, but also the modern feature. Integrated lighting system and full rotation camera installed allows user to monitor its surrounding from inside. Infotainment system with user-friendly interface and 8 inch of touchscreen display is mounted on the dashboard. The rear passenger seats feature folding mechanism that gives extra storage space when it is needed.

2021 Ford Atlas Powertrain

The engine specification is provided with four different options to give the customers liberty to choose. One of the most powerful engine equipped in to 2021 Ford Atlas powertrain is 5 liter of V8 engine. This particular engine is able to achieve up to 360 horsepower along with torque of 380 lb-ft. Power and torque generated by any engine type offered by Ford for this truck is good for off road driving.

2021 Ford Atlas Review & Road Test

Its engine configuration has outstanding fuel conserving rate. In order to give better driving experience to the owner, it uses automatic transmission with six levels of speed. Despite there is no official announcement about its price tag, it is expected to be somewhere around $27,000 to $53,000. Based on the global economy situation, next year will be the best time to release 2021 Ford Atlas.

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