2021 Dodge Viper Specs, Price, Release Date

2021 Dodge Viper. A  new Viper is happening. Since Dodge has lacked a true halo car, it is necessary to build the 2021 Dodge Viper. Learning from its unfortunate fifth-gen product-planning mistake, Dodge will offer a convertible from the beginning; the coupe comes a few years after launch.

2021 Dodge Viper exterior and interior. Aluminum and carbon fiber will proliferate, keeping mass as low as possible because the Viper is likely to lose a little grunt, at least to start. Carbon fiber for the dashboard should come as no surprise, either. On the other hand, the finest Alcantara leather and the extra grip it provides makes it a perfect solution for the upholstery, so the classy and expensive vibe is going to persist, as will the wide selection of interior trims.

2021 Dodge Viper release date, engine and price. The January 2019 Detroit auto show will be the 30th anniversary of the Viper concept’s debut. It would be a fitting tribute for the intoduction of next Viper. Borrowing an engine from elsewhere in the FCA lineup might have a massive impact on the base price. As far as engine selection goes, this is where all the obfuscation of the 2021 Dodge Viper comes into play.

Unfortunately, penetrating this barrier has proven far more difficult (not to mention tricky) than expected, so our best guess at this point concerns an 8.4 L V10 with 660 hp and 610 lb-ft of torque, paired up with a 6-speed manual transmission. As for the price of the 2021 Dodge Viper, it is hard to imagine anyone without at least $120,000 on their account to be able to afford one.

2021 Dodge Viper for Sale in Mesa, AZ

The 2021 Dodge Viper is going to be a fast and sleek car, both from the outside and from the inside. As far as the latter is concerned, it should be pointed out that everything about the new Viper is geared up towards speed, and that means weight reduction to the extreme.

2021 Dodge Viper May Be Coming Back

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