2021 Dodge Magnum Hellcat Release Date & Specs

7 years is the time Dodge doesn’t release Dodge Magnum and now, 2021 Dodge Magnum will be the new installation of series. 7 years is not a few time but it’s enough to present the new magnum in new design and more new things that will come.

Through 7 years, Dodge has planned several changes that are implemented. The change invades major parts of car such as, its design and engine. It’s all made to define the new Magnum that will amaze everyone that looks at it.

2021 Dodge Magnum SRT Hellcat Review

For the car’s change, Dodge keeps silent about it. the only way that is really helpful is some rumors that are released about it. it will help us to give a review about how the car will be designed. Through some pictures, we can see that there are several things that are desired by people through Magnum.

Besides, the other change should be applied on the car’s performance. Putting the same thing for this day is not a good choice. We are sure that Dodge will give new engine just as what others do when they decide with a new one.

First, let’s talk about the engine first. As we’ve mentioned, Dodge won’t use the same engine again. Based on the rumor, V6 is said as the strongest candidate. However, it’s still not added whether it’s the basic engine or for other trim.

For this problem, we can see through the last engine used, V6 2.7 L that produces 5500 rpm and 190 HP. The last engine is quite powerful but, Dodge won’t go for the same choice. It can be seen that Dodge may add more power at its HP production.

Dodge won’t go for bigger HP production only. Dodge will aim for further target so, they can make a new engine that is better than before. The other aspect that we hope Dodge will look for is about its fuel efficiency.

2021 Dodge Magnum Exterior and Interior

The same thing goes on the exterior of 2021 Dodge Magnum. Dodge still doesn’t give any information about the car. Since we only know the last design then we predict that the company will go for huge redesign plan.

A new bodyline is the first thing that set inside our mind. Besides, the bodyline will be set more aerodynamic so, it will be better for us. The good thing is, its new body sets for better performance and fuel usage. Some pictures show that the car comes with newly designed headlamp and rearlamp.

Rumor says that the interior will be designed bigger. It’s a good thing for everyone to feels more comfortable while sitting inside the car. Besides, abundant space provided inside the car will make you feel better inside.

The other thing that we are sure is about the car’s feature. It’s a must for Dodge to apply the latest feature to help you in getting better control for the car. The feature will invade two parts of car such as, entertainment and safety.

Both of these features are the most important for the car. For this part, we still don’t know about it so, the best thing that we should do is wait for further news about it.

2021 Dodge Magnum Release date and price

Some information give us thing that the car will be released at 2017. For the price, 2021 Dodge Magnum will be cost for $20.000.

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