2021 Chevy Nova SS Concept, Price, Specs

As one of the most influential car developer it is common and natural for Chevrolet to inform their most interesting car release which will be dubbed as 2021 Chevy Nova. This new car is quite anticipated by many people as it offer many interesting specifications which is above average the overall car on its classes. The improvements itself are quite many which makes it very unique and different.

Several of the improvements that is taking place into this car is ranges from the interior design which is now improved to give better comfort and also stylish looking design. Other than that the exterior is also improved to give it an overall more pleasing look which of course will make customer to be more interested in this car. Finally, the most important part is that the engine is going to be more powerful.

2021 Chevy Nova SS Preview

As one of the most interesting car to date, we of course need to talk about the specification of the car as well the overall performance of the car. From that we need to start from the exterior. Yes, the new exterior of this new car offer many interesting things such as new chassis bracing, distinctive new colors which is very unique and beautiful and many more.

There are also new custom rear bumper which is applied with veneers and also stylish looking LED taillights which makes the car looks even more gorgeous. Additionally the new fiber glass wing that are created with air extractor feature and also custom rear spoiler and new 21 inches wheels will be the main attraction of this new car exterior design.

New Chevy Nova Engine Performance

Moving on from the exterior we go to the engine of the car. Just like many other car, there are certain chance that this car will be using more powerful engine. For the new 2021 Chevy Nova, the new engine is a modified version of V6 engine that can generate for more than 200 horsepower. This horsepower is quite high as that means that the new V6 engine is going to be more efficient and powerful.

The new engine itself will be using a manual transmission that will make the car even easier to be handled and controlled. The new manual transmissions system is using a five speed gear system and also has a unique and also advanced overdrive system that will make the car even sportier and can handle the competition on its own.

So, how about the interior? As always there will be certain improvements for the interior of the car ranges from the car new seating material and also interior design that now are changed to be much more futuristic but offer some classic details into it. The interior design are also slightly larger to give better relaxation for passenger and driver alike.

2021 Nova Release date and Price

2021 is one unique year as there are many new car released, the same can also be said for the new Chevy Nova which is released on the year of 2021 which is this year to be precise. The price on the other hand are quite unclear, despite that as we see the information regarding the specifications and also features then it is safe to say that 2021 Chevy Nova is priced around $49.000.

2021 Chevy Nova Gets Minor Styling Update For European Market

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