2021 Chevy El Camino SS Price and Specs

2021 Chevy el Camino is ready to make surprising entry in automotive industry. For new generation, El Camino seems not familiar or young people might say never hear about this car. For your reference, this car was produced in 1959 and discontinued in 1987. More than 25 years, El Camino stays on locker and now, it is ready to back in action.

El Camino was created by Chevrolet as the response to successful competitor. This car is new category that called as sport utility, though some people still say pickup. Actually, this car is pickup model in mid-size car. You can picture Malibu with only one-row seats and open trunk at the back and tailgate.

2021 Chevy el Camino Body Review

2021 Chevy el Camino will preserve old concept, but redesigned in modern and advanced view. Half cabin on the front and long rear side is something that can be thrown way. They are iconic design of El Camino with many memorable and impressive memories in the past time.

New grille looks like combination between Malibu and Camaro. As you know, Chevrolet already has pickup model such as Silverado and Colorado. Both of them are pickup with front design which looks like SUV. Silverado might share the certain part with Suburban

Besides exterior, El Camino will be equipped with advanced technology. Inside the cabin, you can find attractive indicators which are easy to read during journey. Front dashboard has display that provides ton of apps and information to assets the driver. You will get notification about traffic, weather, destination, etc.

Other features are leather case for cover, ABS for brake, weather control, LED headlamp, cruise control, parking sensor, and safety equipment. This car is upgraded with new entertainment system such as multimedia player, Bluetooth, and USB port. Internal speaker is also ready to deliver the ultimate joyful during journey.

2021 Chevy el Camino Engine

As sport utility vehicle, 2021 Chevy el Camino is supposed to be the sporty and easy to handle car compared to the real pickup or SUV. Automotive analyst predicts Chevrolet will add 3.3 or 3.6 liter engine in this car. It is not sport car for fast driving on highway, so the engine capacity is slightly moderate.

Another possible option for el Camino is differentiation from Camaro. High-performance car in today lineup of Chevrolet is Camaro and Corvette. Camaro is mid-engine and Corvette is super car with futuristic design. To match with El Camino, Camaro is the right design and Chevrolet only gets rid of back cover to add much space for luggage.

Malibu and Impala are still at the list to share the platform with 2021 Chevy el Camino. However, Malibu might have high possibility because of smaller and lower engine. With this wheelbase and platform, El Camino will exhaust more than 300 horsepower. Less than 300 will have hard time to attract customers.

2021 Chevy El Camino for sale date

This car might be still in rumored or uncertainty, but several concepts had been released from Chevrolet and Pontiac. Many people appreciate new design of El Camino that will be expected in the future. Initial price starts approximately at $27,000. You need at least $30,000 to fill your garage with 2021 Chevy el Camino.

Time is changing into new era where hardline style is no longer in fashion for the car. 2021 Chevy el Camino will get new design with more modern and futuristic touch to attract young generation.

2021 Chevy El Camino accessories list

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