2021 Audi A9 E Tron Release Date, Preview, Rumors

Improvements on the new car is something common and it is also happen for the latest 2021 Audi A9. This new car will overall offer a more interesting specifications and also performance in overall. Some of the specifications and improvements will be applied on the car exterior, interior and also the engine as well.

2021 Audi A9 Exterior and Interior

For the exterior, it is known that the new Audi A9 will have sleeker look as well interesting concept. The concept itself is emphasized to give the car a more interesting and stylish approach. Not to mention that the new aerodynamics design that will makes the car much more interesting and stylish to look at which is another plus.

One of the most interesting part about this car is that the new material that will be applied for the interior design. It is designed to be much more comfortable and also unique. The space is also expanded to give comfortable and also interesting atmosphere. Not to mention that there are several new high tech features on the cockpit as well for easier driving experience.


According to the information that we can gather for this new 2021 Audi A9 it is expected that the new engine for this car is going to be twin turbo charged V8 engine with 4.0 liter engine capacity which can offer 600 horsepower. The engine will also introduce a more interesting automatic transmission and also have eight speed system as well.

Price and Release Date

Much like many other new car, with the introduction of new specification and also performance. It is a common thing to see the changes on the car prices. The new car will be priced for around $140.000 while it is expected to be released on the middle or end of 2021 which means it will be released next year for planning.

Safety and Features

One of the most important part of any car is the safety features. The safety features of this new Audi A9 is also the same. This car will be expected to have some interesting improvements on the safety features to balance its power and also performance. Some interesting tidbits such as sensor features are introduced to give the driver safer driving experience using this new 2021 Audi A9.

2021 Audi A9 E Tron Rumors & Concept

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