2020 Toyota Prius Prime Redesign & Release Date

The redesigned 2020 Toyota Prius is going to be available in the market soon. This 4th generation Toyota Prius will heat up the competition of the similar models released by other automakers. Toyota has been confirmed that this car is already in the development process. Thus, this car is speculated will be released around 2016 or 2020.

Indeed, the Toyota Prius lovers will be impatient to wait this car to be presented before their eyes. Yet, those lovers can draw an image of this future car though information which has been broken down into some descriptions in the following.

The updated 2020 Toyota Prius Plug In

As Toyota has not launched any information related to this 2020 Toyota Prius concept, this article provides you with the information which has been collected through some assumptions and reports. Toyota automaker will bring the old design from current Toyota Prius version and do some improvements in both exterior and interior.

The exterior design of this new model will turn to be more dynamic, aggressive and stylish by changing its body, front bumper, hood, head lights and other parts. Most changes applied to the exterior design seem to be purposed as well to make the performance of the car improved this time. Meanwhile, the interior will be changed based on the C-HC concept therefore some differences will definitely be found in there.

This car will also be equipped with advanced technology and system in order to bring better performance, comfort and appearance. Surely, some new safety features will be added too in order to make it safer to drive the car everywhere.

2020 Toyota Prius Prime AWD Price

The updated 2020 Toyota Prius engine

Similar to the concept, Toyota manufacture also keeps its specs and engine in secret. There are some speculations. Those speculations refer to the use of smaller but powerful engine to change the 1.8 L 4-cylinder engine. As a result, this car will own better performance and bigger power. Other than this, the use of new smaller engine possibly makes the car lighter in weight as well. In the end, a better speed can possibly be resulted too.

This hybrid car will be available combining gasoline engine and electric motor as its energy sources. This new model will also be equipped with better quality for its battery and more than 55 mpg. Thus, this hybrid car will be so interesting, particularly because this will cost every driver a smaller amount of fuel for the car to consume in order to be able to run. Therefore, this 2020 Toyota Prius car can be a worth car to be waited and purchased as your top future car.

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