2020 Toyota Hilux Facelift in USA & Philippines

For those who are looking for the strong and powerful truck to be driven next year, the new 2020 Toyota Hilux can be something worth to consider. That is because in term of design, this truck is strong enough and that can be seen from the overall exterior. For the engine, you can make sure that this truck from Toyota will have the powerful engine that you need from a strong truck.

Strong Exterior Design of 2020 Toyota Hilux

When you are talking about the exterior of this truck, it is true that this truck offers you the dual cabin style so that the compartment area is not that big. However, you can make sure that you can put many things that you need on the back. Unlike some other competitors of this car, this truck from Toyota might be slightly smaller and more compact compared with the others.

Even though those things above might drop the look of this truck down, this truck still has the height that you need to face the hard terrains. As an addition to that, the strong looking body design plus the additional giant grille on the front part of this truck made this truck from Toyota is becoming one nice option to have. That is one reason why the truck lovers are waiting for this 2020 Toyota Hilux.

2020 Toyota Hilux Overview

Powerful Engine Power on 2020 Toyota Hilux

Even though this truck is slightly smaller than some of its competitors are, the power of this car is something that you do not need to ask anymore. That is because this truck from Toyota is already using the V6 engine, which is good enough for many trucks nowadays. As the result, you will not need to worry about the power that you can get from this truck.

You need to know that this truck offers you two different engine options. The first one is the standard engine with the maximum capacity of 2.7-Liter and the second one is the V6 engine with the maximum capacity of 3.5-Liter. The first engine can give you the average of 159 horsepower while the second engine of V6 model can give you the maximum output of 278 horsepower.

For your final consideration, a truck is not meant for speed. A truck is meant for power and strength. Because of that reason, comparing the speed might not be that reasonable since the main focus of a truck such as 2020 Toyota Hilux is on the power and strength that you can get.

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