2020 Mercedes GLS 450 and 550 Release Date

2020 Mercedes GLS is crossover car with full-size SUV model. Crossover emerges into popularity in today market and Mercedes is ready to compete. GLS is bigger than average crossover with three-row seat model.

This car belongs to luxury category because manufacturer gives many advanced technologies and premium touches. On the market, full-size crossover is rare, but competitors come from full-size SUV segment.

2020 Mercedes GLS Redesign and Changes

What is difference between crossover and SUV? This car looks bold at front, but smooth and delicate from the rear side. The car also has different frame from SUV that’s more agile and flexible. The crossover combines easy handling with powerful driving.

Inside 2020 Mercedes GLS, you will see seat in three rows. The last one is able to be folded to give more space for storage and baggage. This car looks like SUV at cabin area.

2020 Mercedes GLS 550 Preview

As premium car, the technology is utmost priority. Each of panels is already integrated into car system. You can check and control almost everything from dashboard. The display screen provides information and application to support driver.

Engine and Price of 2020 Mercedes GLS 450 and 550

First generation of GLS was introduced in 2006. Meanwhile, the second generation was ready for market in 2012. From this data, you can expect to get 2020 model as third generation.

2020 Mercedes GLS has several engines from small to big capacity. The smallest one is 3.0 liter with powertrain 320 horsepower. The engine uses petrol as fuel, but another 3.0 version is also available with diesel engine.

The next engine is 4.7 liter called as GL 450. This is popular model to choose to suit the capability. Moreover, the powertrain is 362 horsepower. Another model with the same capacity is GL 500/550. This model is able to exhaust 449 horsepower.

You can choose the biggest capacity for engine. It is 5.5 liter or GL 63 AMG. This is the most powerful engine from Mercedes GLS with powertrain more than 500 horsepower. It is suitable car for long journey through off-road area.

Besides engine, this car uses nine-speed transmission for all models. Safety measures include some assist system such as traffic, brake, nigh view, parking, blind sport, and crosswind. In addition, this car has Lane keeping assist to make sure you are in the right position while driving.

Recent model is already on market. You can order the second generation today, but wait for few years to get 2020 model. The base price starts from $68,000. Therefore, 2020 Mercedes GLS is suitable for everyone to fulfill their needs.

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