2020 KIA Sorento Rumors, Price, Colors

2020 KIA Sorento is probably one of the most awaited car series which will be launched in near future. In the car market, KIA has been applauded as one of the best manufacturer of luxurious car worldwide. Since its first launching, many car fans seemed to always wait for the launching of the newest series.

2020 KIA Sorento Redesign and Changes

They are even willing to wait for years just to await the newest car series from KIA due to its luxurious brand. After several years since the previous launching, many people have anxiously waited for the newest series to hit the car market in near future.

In the matter of details, or exterior design for that matter, KIA has not released one yet. But, 2020 KIA Sorento is predicted to come with something mildly unexpected, in a good sense that might come with it. Compared to the previous series of it, KIA has always been taking safe field in previous years with its production.

For this car series, it is said that it will come with unconventional design, something which never went in KIA safe field. There has not been any detail on that, but KIA assures the exterior design will knock your socks off.

2020 Kia Sorento Pricing, Styling, and Buying Guide

Just like the previous part, the detail on the interior of 2020 KIA Sorento has not come to light. KIA prefers to keep all details secret before the official launching of this car series. But, rumor has it that KIA would pick similar design for the interior as the exterior look for linear look.

It is also said that all surface will be covered in high quality fabric as means of convenience. Besides, it will also come with tech savvy and handy devices for the driver and passenger. With all of that, your trip will be guaranteed with a pleasant experience.

2020 KIA Sorento Engine, Release Date and Price

As for the engine specs, it is rumored that this car series will bring good engine configuration to its features. It comes with 4.2 liter engine capacity and V-6 engine configuration for better performance. To add up to its performance, it also comes with 4 cylinders to balance the speed supported by previous configuration.

When it comes to official release date, it is predicted it will hit the market in the middle of 2019. As for the pricing, it is estimated that 2020 KIA Sorento will be priced no less than US$45.000 for you to buy it off showroom.

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