2020 Honda Passport Price & Release Date

The new 2020 Honda Passport will be a nice selection of a modern compact SUV with a good performance and also stylish appearance. As you know, this SUV is still a new model in the market because it was released only one year ago. In this upcoming model, Honda tries to do the best in making this SUV as the best choice for many people in the market. It will be ready to compete with the CX-3 that has been dominated the market.

Some upgrades and changes will be added to this upcoming SUV regarding performance and style. The exterior design will be attractive with some changes. Of course, the interior of the next PASSPORT will get some new features too. The new PASSPORT engine will be more efficient and powerful than the previous PASSPORT engine.

2020 Honda PASSPORT Exterior and Interior Design

We cannot say the overall body design of the next PASSPORT will be fresh and new. The next model still uses the same body concept as the current PASSPORT model with some minor changes. Of course, the changes still make the new PASSPORT looks more stylish and elegance than the predecessor. The body dimension and shape of this upcoming PASSPORT will not get any changes, still use the same size and dimension from the predecessor.

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The front grille looks more attractive and larger than the previous model. The headlights come in a new shape and use the LED lights to prove a good vision for the driver. The combination of the new front grille and headlights gives the 2020 Honda PASSPORT a nice and sporty look at the front. The taillights and the muffler also have a new design to make it more stylish than the previous model.

As we know, the interior design of the current Honda PASSPORT model is modern and futuristic. Many modern features are already implemented for the current model. For the next model, the Honda PASSPORT will add some more features to provide a better driving experience regarding entertainment, safety, and navigation. A new touchscreen display will be used to provide a navigation assist for you.

The better materials are rumored to be used for the upholstery of the interior. The cabin size is still the same as the previous PASSPORT model. It comes with the comfortable seats covered by the highest leather materials. Some other modern features also can be found inside the new PASSPORT.

2020 Honda PASSPORT Powertrain and Price Estimated

The engine capacity will be the same as the previous model. It uses a 1.8-liter aspirated engine. The bad things about the engine of Honda PASSPORT are the fuel efficiency. Compared to the other competitors in the market, the Honda PASSPORT fuel efficiency is the worst. So, some rumors said that Honda maybe would use a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline 4-unit engine to provide a better fuel efficiency than the current model.

The price of the new Honda PASSPORT is rumored to be a little bit more expensive than the current model. We hope that Honda will bring many improvements to this new model because the competitors come at the cheaper price than the PASSPORT price. The 2020 Honda PASSPORT is rumored to hit the market in the mid or end of 2020.

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