2020 Ford Super Duty Specs & Release Date

2020 Ford Super Duty is one of the latest project that are still under development by Ford. This car will introduce a variety of features which are exclusive but also important for the car as well. The car will also have a balance between comfort and also overall performance. This will make the car a great addition to all of the car made by ford.

The new car will be focusing its improvements on the interior and also exterior design. This means the changes will improve the looks and also comfort of the car. On the other hand, other than the aesthetic features, specification will also become the main focus. This will make the car a much better car in the long terms.

2020 Ford Super Duty Redesign and Engine

There are several interesting things that we need to know about the car exterior. First of all the material used for this car body is much stronger but also flexible than the other old car made by Ford. Using a combination of lighter but more resistant material makes the car much better. For the appealing parts, this car will have better design with a commendable aerodynamics design as well.

2020 Ford Super Duty will probably attack the market at the outset of 2021

Interior that are provided by this car is an improvement as well. The car has a larger space of interior that are capable for 5 passenger and driver in total. This means the car is large in terms of interior which is a good things. Additionally, we can also expect several interesting improvements from the car as well which ranges from new material for the upholstery and interior design.

For the engine, this car will be using a V8 engine. The engine will have 5.7 liter engine capacity with automatic transmissions system that will have 6 speed of level. Additionally, there are alternative for the level of the transmissions system as well. This alternative is still a rumor but the rumor says that there are also a possibilities of 7 speed of level transmission system for this car.

2020 Ford Super Duty Price, Release date and Safety Features

Price and release date will be the next information in line for this car specifications and details. The price will be $32.000 to $50.000 but are not fixed as this car is still under development. The car will be released on the year of 2020 or 2017 the faster it can be released. Some rumor says that it will be released on the midst of 2017 but we still need to wait as there are no exact information about it.

How about the safety features? This car will have your usual standard safety features from the airbags system and also collision sensor detection. Of course, it is not really ground breaking and all new. But some of these features on the safety features inside the new 2020 Ford Super Duty will keep the job done. Which is to make sure the passenger and driver safe.

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