2020 Ford Fusion Sport Hybrid Redesign, Rumors, Specs

2020 Ford Fusion is a sedan car that will be one of the best options in the future car markets. With the specs rumored, it makes people cannot wait for it longer.

Ford Fusion is one of the most recommended sedan cars because it has a good design, specs, features, and affordable price. For the next generation, there will be 2020 Fusion where it will have the better offers. That is why it is very important and interesting to know more about it. Therefore, we will discuss it more in this article below.

2020 Ford Fusion Engine & Performance

Talking about the performance will always relate to the engine. So, to know about 2020 Ford Fusion performance, we need to know about the engine that will be used. Different from the latest version, the next generation of this sedan will be powered by 2.7 liter of twin turbo & V6 engine. This powerful engine is same with what Edge Sport and F150 offer.

Based on the experts, they predict that this engine will be able to produce more than 350 horsepower. Besides that, this powerful engine will also be useful to deliver more than 400 pounds feet of torque. Paired with six speed automatic transmission, 2020 Ford Fusion sedan will be the first sedan that can produce more than 300 horsepower.

2020 ford fusion sport hybrid pictures

Still related to the performance, it is also interesting to discuss about the speed. 2020 Ford Fusion is believed that this will be able to hit from zero to 60 mph in only about 5 seconds. Even though the top speed is still unknown, we can imagine how fast it will be. Anyway, the speed of this sedan car will be impressive.

2020 Ford Fusion Prices & Release Date

2020 Ford Fusion price will depend on the model you choose. For the base model, it will start from around 34,500 dollars. For the mid-level model, the starting price will be from 40,000 dollars. The top model will certainly be more expensive.

Until now, the company is still silent about where this upcoming sedan will be released. Therefore, it is also difficult to guess the launching time accurately. However, normally a new car will be released in the end of a year before. It means this sedan may be available in the late of 2019.

You will find many changes related to the exterior and interior. For the exterior, it will offer the new LED lights, lighter material, new grille, etc. For the interior, 2020 Ford Fusion will have more elegant look, higher quality materials, more complete features, and more better driving experience.

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