2020 Ford F650 Super Duty Price & Specs

The 2020 Ford F650 can be a powerful mini truck to be released for the upcoming year. As we know, the F650 model is a powerful mini truck from Ford that has many fans for many years. No one will doubt the engine performance from the F650 model that make is a good choice to be used for any needs in your daily life. The new model will be more powerful than the current F650 model.

The improvements of the next Ford F650 is not only in the engine but also in the other aspects. We will find some important information for the changes to the next model of this mini-truck in this article. The Ford F650 exterior and the interior will have some modifications to make it more stylish than the predecessor. Let’s see some details of this upcoming super mini truck.

2020 Ford F650 Exterior and Interior Design

There is no any specific info about the size of the new F650. Some of the industry rumors said that it will use the same platform as the predecessor but has a smaller dimension. The body dimension of this upcoming mini truck will be compact and use the new materials for the body and the chassis. The bodyweight will be lighter than the current Ford F650 model that benefits the engine. Some parts of the body also get changes to create a stylish and strong appearance.

2020 Ford F650 Rollback is going to come back with a much more improved design

At the front, the upcoming 2020 Ford F650 still have an aggressive and sporty look of a mini truck. The front should use a new design that can provide adequate air supply to the engine. The headlights and the fog lamps will use the Led lights that provide a good illumination for the driver in any conditions. The back end of this mini truck also looks stylish and sporty.

This mini truck is aimed to bring any heavy things and not to bring many passengers inside it. The cabin size only can accommodate two passengers including the driver. As a premium mini truck, the upcoming Ford F650 will be equipped with some modern features. The highest quality materials will be used for the upholstery inside the F650.

Some modern features will be included to support the convenient cabin. A touchscreen display is a must feature for this upcoming mini truck. It will be very essential to provide a navigation and driving assists for the driver. It can also provide some entertainment combined with the high quality audio system.

2020 Ford F650 Powertrain and Price Estimated

The engine spec of this mini truck is still a mystery. Some rumors said that it will use a 6.7-liter V8 turbo engine. Surely this engine is very powerful and ready for any heavy duties. The transmission system will be a six-speed automatic transmission. You still need to wait for the official spec info from Ford.

There is no any info for the Ford F650 price and release date. We believe that it will be priced a bit more expensive than the previous F650 model. We hope that this powerful mini truck will enter the market son in 2020. The 2020 Ford F650 will be a good choice for a daily vehicle to bring any heavy things.

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