2020 Ford Bronco Price, Specs, Interior Changes

2020 Ford Bronco is a future SUV that will be very impressive. We hope that the rumored specs will come true because they sound amazing.

There will be so many SUV cars available in the future and one of them is 2020 Bronco. Even though the fixed specs are not released yet, there are many rumors that talk about it. That is why this article will share the trusted rumors related to this future SUV. So, you have to pay attention to the following discussion below.

2020 Ford Bronco Engine Specs and Performance

You will find that this future SUV will be powerful because the rumored 2020 Ford Bronco engine is V6 engine. Paired with 10 speed automatic transmissions, it is believed that this SUV will be able to deliver 435 horsepower. Besides that, it will also offer up to 375 pounds feet of torque. Because it belongs to turbocharged and direct injection machine, the power will be really amazing.

Besides powerful, this future Bronco will also be very fast. The experts predict that it will be able to hit from 0 to 60 miles per hour in around 7 seconds only whereas the top speed can be up to more than 125 miles per hour. In relation to the layout, 2020 Ford Bronco will use 2 ED as well as 4 WD front engines. Anyway, this upcoming Ford Bronco SUV will have great specs.

2020 ford bronco price range

2020 Ford Bronco Exterior, Interior, Price and Release Date

To attract the buyers, the company will also improve 2020 Ford Bronco exterior design. There will be some changes related to the outside design such as the new grille, new bumpers, updated taillights, LED headlamps, bigger wheels, etc. Overall, this SUV car will be much more impressive and attractive. That is why there will be many people who are interested in it.

In relation to 2020 Ford Bronco interior, it will also be amazing. With complete features, you will find anything from comfort, safety, infotainment to entertainment. It will offer sophisticated features as well as techs to make the buyers not bored. Therefore, you have to thank to the future interior of this SUV.

After paying attention to the rumors above, it is important to know about the estimated price and guessed release date. For the base model, it will be priced from about 300,000 dollars whereas the top model can be up to 45,000 dollars. This price is reasonable considering the rumored specs. However, 2020 Ford Bronco will come out more than 2 years later.

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