2020 Dodge Dart SRT8 Price & Specs

The 2020 Dodge Dart SRT8 can be categorized as a modern and futuristic muscle car. AS you know, the muscle car in the US market has a lot of fans since many years ago. There are some rumors that Chrysler Group will release the successor of the current Dodge Dart model with the new powerful engine fresh design. It will be something interesting if the new Dodge Dart hit the market in 2020.

The Dodge Dart new model will not be just a rumor anymore. The development stage in the manufacturers is rumored reaching the advanced stages of production. So, it will not take a long time to see the new Dodge Dart in the market, maybe in the mid or at the end of 2020. There is some news for you about the upcoming Dodge Dart model in this article.

2020 Dodge Dart SRT8 Exterior and Interior Design

As we know, the Dodge Dart will have a classic muscle look but with a modern and futuristic touch to make like a modern car. Those combinations will make the exterior design of the upcoming Dodge Dart looks nice, stylish, elegance and sporty. Surely the Dodge Dart can be a strong rival for its competitor regarding style and performance. Some changes in the upcoming Dart SRT8 make it better than the current model.

At the front, 2020 Dart SRT8 uses a new grille within a perfect metallic design and the new full LED headlights. The hood also comes in a longer design than the current model. The changes at the front of 2020 Dodge Dart SRT8 are aimed to create a more aggressive and sporty look. The overall Dart SRT8 body design is awesome.

2020 Dodge Dart Demon Spy Shots

 The new Dodge Dart SRT8 will implement three important things for the interior, ergonomics, luxury, and functionality. As stated above, the hood of this new Dart model has a long design that also extends the size of the cabin. There will be more space inside the Dart SRT8 for the leg of the passengers. The cabin can accommodate comfortably up to five passengers.

The Synthetic and premium leather upholstery will be found inside this car. The dashboard of Dodge Dart SRT8 will have a new and modern design using the touchscreen display. The standard features of a modern sports car also can be found such as the dual climate control, driver-assist system and also safety features. The Dodge Dart SRT8 interior will be spacious, luxurious and full of modern features.

2020 Dodge Dart SRT8 Powertrain and Price Estimated

The engine of the new Dodge Dart will be more powerful than the current model. The industry rumors said that it would be powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine. The output power is still a mystery. But surely the output power will be powerful and give a good acceleration for this sports car.

Then, the price of the new Dodge Dart will be around $38,500. You should remember that it is still a rumor. The release date of this new muscle sports car is predicted at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2020. The 2020 Dodge Dart SRT8 will be a good entry of muscle sports car for the US market.

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