2020 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Concept, Price, Specs

2020 Chevy Monte Carlo is one of the new car that have several new enhancements to make the car even better. The enhancements are designed to be applied into the car interior, exterior and also engine. This will allow the car to have a better specifications in overall. Not to mention there are some minor enhancements as well that will make the car much more dependable for different kinds of occasion that we need it to be.

2020 Chevy Monte Carlo Exterior and interior redesign

2020 Chevy Monte Carlo exterior design will have a much more interesting design with some improvement and changes along the way. The new LED signal on the taillight and also headlight will make the car even more appealing than usual. There are also rear bumper changes that will make it much more stylish. And for some improvement on the body we can see some new wheels and fiber glass material added for the wing air retractor.

Interior are improved as well with larger space and much more comfortable design. Unlike most car that are usually cluttered with too many things, Chevy Monte Carlo offer simple and organized interior looks. Comfortable material for the seating is also one of the main appeal of this car. Dashboard are perfectly aligned into the interior cabin giving a more organized and stylized look.

2020 Chevy Monte Carlo is an excellent car

2020 Chevy Monte Carlo Engine, Safety features, price and release date

This car will be using a V6 engine that offer around 200 horsepower as its maximum power. The engine will be able to go with 32 mpg for the highway road and 22 mpg on the city road which is quite fuel efficient. This V6 engine will being supported with 5 speed of manual transmission system to maximize its potential. In other words, the engine will optimize the overall performance of the car.

For the safety features, this Chevy Monte Carlo will be having some standard modern safety features that are designed for modern type car. The safety features itself follow some set of mechanism ranges from airbags system and also parking assist. This will allow the car to be operated with a far better experience. Not to mention all of the safety system will allow the driver and passenger to have a safe and better driving experience.

Moving from the features information, we now will talk about the price and also release date for this new Chevy Monte Carlo, the release date for the new Chevy Monte Carlo is on the year of 2015 more specifically on the end of that year. On the other hand, the price are fixed to be the price of 49.500. With these information in mind, we hope that it help you to know more about the new and improved 2020 Chevy Monte Carlo.

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