2020 Chevy Bolt EV Range & Changes

When you are looking for a new drive with the elegance that you live in the real modern life, then 2020 Chevy Bolt will be one nice option that you really need to consider. That is because this new Bolt that will be released for the 2020 model by Chevrolet is said to be a car that is specifically manufactured for the need of city lifestyle full of elegance. As an addition to that, all of the details of its exterior, interior, engine and the performance of this car are something that will make you smile along with its elegance.

This car can be considered as one of the most elegant looking sedan that you can get for your new drive and that can be simply seen from its overall exterior. With the sleek, simple but tough looking design, this car is going to be the boss of elegance on the class of sedan. As an addition to that, the considerably bigger size of the body of this new sedan will surely make this car suit many different terrains that you want.

2020 Chevy Bolt SS Changes

Even though the overall exterior design and lining of this car is considerably smooth, there are also some sharp details that can be very catchy from this new 2020 Chevy Bolt. One example is the front area of this car that looks totally sporty with the considerably low round clearance from its front bumper. The sharp impression can also be felt from its side lining, especially on the door area as well as the tail lights and the wing on the top part of the trunk.

Since this car is considered as one of the biggest on its class, you can expect to have the large and spacious space inside the car. Actually, it is not only for the space inside the car for all of the passengers, but also for the back trunk of this car, which has more storage capacity compared with many other cars on the same class as its competitors.

Going to the interior part of this new Bolt, you will find nothing but luxury and elegance. That is because this is the kind of concept that the new Bolt is trying to give to all of its customers. With the best material for the covers inside the car, the best elegance color match, plus the high technology system inside this 2020 Chevy Bolt, you can make sure that there is nothing else that you need from this car.

2020 Chevy Bolt LTZ Convertible Features

For your information, this new Bolt for 2020 edition has a lot of models that you can choose, but you do not need to worry because even the base model of this new Bolt has been installed with many nice features such as follows. The first one is the remote engine ignition access that will let you start the engine with the remote control. The second is sound system with the total of six high quality speakers spreading evenly inside the car.

2020 Chevy Bolt Expert Reviews, Specs and Photos

The next one is the LCD navigation screen plus the entertainment access with full color screen that will accompany you with the best media entertainment. The last one is the auto tilting steering wheel that will help you go round the corner smoothly without any problem.

Along with all of those features, you can still get many other nice features as the basic features of this new 2020 Chevy Bolt such as the air conditioning and climate control, automatic headlights, the driver seat with the auto adjustable system, and still many more. If you think that all of those basic features are just not enough, then you will need to pick the better model of this car that will surely give you the better features.

Some of the best features that you can get from some other models rather than this base model of Bolt are the heated seats, the rear parking sensors, the larger wheels for better control, the better climate system control inside the car, the premium quality leather for the cover on the cabin, plus the additional up to 11 speakers for music performance inside the car. However, when you want to get all of those complete packages all in one, then you will surely need to pick the best model of this new 2020 Bolt.

Going to the engine sector of this car, you will only get the one and only engine for this new model of 2020 Chevy Bolt. The engine that will be used under the hood of this car is the V6 engine model. With the maximum displacement capacity of 3.6-liter, this V6 engine is believed to be able to release the maximum power of 305 horsepower.

That number can be considered as something nice for Bolt among some other competitors on the same class. Unfortunately, since this car is focusing on the quality and comfort of the owner, this car is not going to accelerate that good. The car is only able to reach 60 after you hit the pedal for about 8.7 seconds and that cannot be considered as something nice.

However, the maximum speed that this new Bolt can reach, which is reaching 135 mph, is going to relieve the disappointment over the acceleration. As an addition to that, the smooth and clean handling of this car is another thing that you will surely love. In fact, you might be able to feel and taste the new driving experience with this new 2020 Chevy Bolt.

2020 Chevy Bolt Release Date and Price

For those who really want to drive this new Bolt, then you will need to prepare at least 28,000 US dollars. That is because rumors said that the cheapest price of the base model for this new Bolt is tagged around that much and if yu want to get the better model, you will need to pay about 37,000 up to 45,000 based on the model of the car that you want. If you think that the price is a little bit expensive, then you can still save some money since 2020 Chevy Bolt is going to be released on the mid of 2020, which is still far away.

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