2020 BMW M8 Convertible Price and Specs

BMW is plot to continue BMW 6 series by releasing 2020 BMW M8. 2020 M8 becomes the 4th generation of 6 series that is really popular. Its beauty and powerful performance is the main characteristic shown through the car.

For next release, BMW is going to do more with the series. The company plans for applying several changes for the car. There are some information and rumors that we’ve collected about the car. With this information, we like to share with you so, you’re able to know about it.

2020 BMW M8 Grand Coupe Review

Before we start to move deeper, let’s see about something that will be given. There could be lot of things that we like to share but we put it into two, visual and performance. For the car’s visual, the company is said to redesign the car.

Redesign seems to be really popular since, almost all of company take the same way. It’s believed as the most effective way to bring a newly look without leaving the old one. It means, there could be lot of things applied on the interior and exterior.

Through the year, the company always changes the powertrain with newer and more powerful. We may expect something for the car’s engine. The hint that we like to give is, it’s not only powerful but it’s more versatile than the old one.

2020 BMW M8 will probably attack the market at the outset of 2021

2020 BMW M8 Engine Specs

Now, we are going to the first discussion, the car’s engine. What kind of powertrain that we could expect? Of course, there are various choices that are available. Up till now, there are still no exact information about it.

There are various rumors spread especially, various options available. We can conclude that there will be various trim levels available. BMW 6 itself will be divided into several series. First, BMW 640i will take 3.0 L inline six that can produce 347 HP.

In addition to first series, the company will also go for other trim level. V8 4.4 L is set for 650i that can produce 476. The strongest engine is, V8 4.4 L Bit Turbo. The car comes with 600 HP as its HP estimation.

As we’ve said before, BMW is going to redesign 2020 BMW M8. There are lot of changes rumored by several people. These changes are aimed for giving new look and other advantage for the car. The first rumor says that the car’s weight will be reduced. It’s a huge thing that will affect its performance and fuel usage.

Besides, the other rumor says that there will be two variants of design. First, the car will come with actual BMW M8 design that we always see. Next, people can choose more special design that is designed for high speed usage.

Its design is something that is really pleasing visually. The car is set really beautiful with nice curve and balance aerodynamic figure. With this change, the car is set for having nice movement and powerful car’s movement.

Due to weight reduction, the interior will be changed. We still don’t know whether the company will go for lighter material or not. However, it also affects the interior since, the company may apply the same material.

If they are going for the same material inside then, the car may go for something unique for its visual. BMW may still retain its elegance but, there are sure several changes given. However, there are still lack of information to confirm about it.

The other rumor comes where the company is going to give different look. It’s based on what kind of car trim that will be given. Based on this rumor, the car may go for different look for its interior.

New Release date and price

The only rumor that we got for its release date is, the car will be released for 2020. Besides, the price of 2020 BMW M8 is still unknown.

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