2020 BMW M3 Sedan Release Date, Price, Specs

2020 BMW M3 will come in the future as hybrid car with attractive look. Some new designs, features, as well as other specifications will support this BMW. Many people have waited for this new vehicle which is said to present fuel efficiency and other benefits.

2020 BMW M3 Sedan Specifications

In term of specifications, there are some rumors aroused for 2020 BMW M3 engine. Among the all possible options, it is said that this upcoming car will use twin turbocharged straight 6 engine 3.0 liter. As the alternative engine, this car will use the engine of double electric.

Powered by such engine, BMW M3 is expected to be able in delivering 480 pound ft. torque. It can produce a great performance as it is also paired with the drive of back wheel. So, you do not need to worry about its power.

Besides, it will provide excellent gas mileage as hybrid car. Thus, when you use this car in crowded roads, it can cover 19 miles/gallon. Meanwhile, if the car is used on highway, it is going to cover 28 miles/gallon. By this specification, you can consider it as efficient future car in terms of fuel.

2020 BMW M3 Gets Second Minor Facelift

2020 BMW M3 Redesign, Release Date and Price

The exterior design of 2020 BMW M3 will add more modern concept to the body to attract the buyers. This hybrid car comes with some changes as well including the bumpers, body lines, and grille. These parts of the next BMW M3 car are going to be updated. Moreover, the taillights and also the headlights will be changed too with LED lamps.

As for its interior, this car will also have an impressive design. The features such as comfort, safety, entertainment, and infotainment remain to follow the standard. Meanwhile, some new technologies and features are added to make this car more enjoyable and comfortable to satisfy the users.

Since it is going come in the market as hybrid car, no wonder it will be offered in quite expensive price. This car’s price is reasonable considering some new features and excellent specifications added. Unfortunately, the producer of BMW still keeps silent and no official price stated yet.

However, some rumors speculate that the price is estimated to be around $62000. Besides, the exact time of when this car will be released is also unknown yet. For all automotive fans, they should wait until the official release date is announced. 2020 BMW M3 is believed to come out at the end of year 2019.

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