Post Monroe Debut EP Available Now!

Post Monroe News

Post Monroe’s self-titled EP featuring the new single “Red Hot American Summer” is now available online! “We are so excited to get the first taste of our music out and available for everyone to hear,” said Post Monroe member Whitney Duncan. “We have really been looking forward to this day for quite a while.”

Bandmate Ashlee Hewitt added, “We truly feel like the chemistry we have found together in the writing room and in the studio is something very special; We feel so blessed.”

The five-track EP was produced by Chuck Ainlay and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum and combines Post Monroe’s distinct harmonies and sweet mandolin melodies with southern attitude.

“We are strong women and we’re vulnerable,” said Shelby McLeod, the third member of the trio. “There are many sides to every woman and we like writing songs that speak from all those sides.”

Download the debut EP now on iTunes and give it a listen on Spotify!

Track Listing
  1. Half Hearted (Whitney Duncan, Ashlee Hewitt, Greg Becker)
  2. Lucky One (Whitney Duncan, Kelly Collins)
  3. Red Hot American Summer (Whitney Duncan, Ashlee Hewitt, Shelby McLeod, Blair Daly)
  4. Dixie Dust (Whitney Duncan, Ashlee Hewitt, Shelby McLeod, Dave Haywood, Dave Thompson)
  5. Hell On Me (Whitney Duncan, Chris Tompkins)